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A sailboat founders in the waters off Bermuda, leaving a young couple stranded in a life raft. They reassure each other: There's nothing to worry about, the weather's fine, their emergency beacon is sending out a continuous distress signal. And yet, they are afraid. And they should be. For beneath their raft, something is moving. Something incredible. And savage. And huge.

Peter Benchley, the man who created Jaws and other best-sellers, gives us Beast, another thrilling ocean adventure.

At the center of this superb story is Whip Darling, a recognized expert on the deep, and a man who now has to struggle to make a living in the fished-out waters around Bermuda. Suddenly, Whip finds himself contronted with a bizarre series of events. He discovers an empty life raft, with no signs of struggle aboard except some strange scratch marks. A boat seems to explode, inexplicably, within sight of the shore. A women, looking through a telescope for whales, claims to have seen a monster.

Whip ponders the cause of these events, yet even he does not comprehend the horrifying significance of what has occurred. And then the beast strikes, and strikes again, and Whip begins to wonder: Has man's devastation of the seas driven up from the deep a legendary creature, a beast so enormous, so insatiable, that it will kill and kill again, unless it is destroyed...?

Benchley's Beast combines masterful storytelling with his immense knowledge of the sea to create an electrifying novel.