Benchley Collaborating Partners


Teddy Tucker - Ocean Explorer, Historian, Artist and Lecturer

Peter often described Teddy as both a bear of a man and his ocean diving/adventure mentor. Teddy has been diving in the Bermuda waters for over seven decades and is widely regarded as a leading expert on studying and identifying historic shipwrecks. Peter was sent to Bermuda by National Geographic in 1971 and he sought Teddy’s guidance to explore the wonders of Bermuda.

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Stan Waterman - Pioneering Underwater Film Producer + Photographer

Both a close friend and neighbor, Stan was co-director of underwater photography and second unit in the production of the movie adaptation of Peter’s Novel, The Deep. In other collaborations they did together, Stan was responsible for ten years' worth of productions for ABC's "American Sportsman Show".

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David Doubilet- Legendary Underwater Photographer

David has spent five decades under the surface in the far corners of the world. Collaborating on more than a dozen articles for National Geographic magazine, David’s extraordinary photos created a powerful visual language that complemented Peter’s storytelling abilities, allowing people the chance to discover the ocean’s incredible beauty and silent devastation happening beneath the surface.

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Dr. Greg Stone - Leading Ocean Scientist

Born to be “Hooper” - the curious and funny marine biologist character depicted in Jaws - is how Greg often describes the impact the book and movie had on him. Peter and Greg were introduced to each other by Teddy Tucker in the early 1970‘s, while Greg was a young marine biologist studying marine mammals. Peter greatly valued Greg’s scientific knowledge and they collaborated on a number of projects over the years, including a groundbreaking ocean conservation movie series for the New England Aquarium.

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Rodney Fox - Great White Attack Victim + Shark Expedition Leader

Rodney Fox was attacked by a great white shark and badly bitten around the chest and arm in December 1963.Regarded as a miracle survivor of one of the world's worst shark attacks, he went on to build the first under water observation cage to dive with the great white shark and has led hundreds of major expeditions to film and study his attacker. Peter regarded him as an utmost authority on great whites and more importantly counted on Rodney’s guidance and stellar reputation as an expedition leader when he went diving with these very special creatures.

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Howard and Michele Hall- Renowned Underwater Film Making Team

Howard and Michele Hall are considered among the top underwater filmmakers in the world and they have won wide acclaim for their spectacularly immersive IMAX films about marine wildlife. Howard Hall began working with Peter on The Deep as a production support, but it put him on a path to build his first underwater camera. Over the years, Peter traveled with the Halls on a number of ocean expeditions for American Sportsman and National Geographic.

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