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White Shark

"Benchley's pacing is irresistible. His descriptions of complex action, machinery and marine life are as colorful and vivid as a tropical reef before pollution set in."-- Christopher Lehmann-Haupt, The New York Times.

There's something in the water...but this time, it's not what you think it is. The author of the mega-bestseller Jaws, the master of the deep now gives us a stunning, brilliantly suspenseful novel about a strange new predator of the deep. Drawing on his singular knowledge of marine life, science, and history, Peter Benchley tells a mesmerizing story of a terrifying, deadly beast.

At a smail marine institute off the coast of Connecticut, a young marine biologist, Simon Chase, studies and tracks sharks, whales, sea lions, and a vast array of other marine species, as well as the effects of pollution and other threats to the ocean's environment. With his young son, he begins to notice strange behavior among the creatures of the sea; something in the ocean is throwing off the balance of nature. Then the body of a diver washes ashore. When more victims are discovered, Chase realizes that while the killer resembles a white shark, it is far more dangerous, and malevolent than any shark he has encountered before. 

Jaws, Beast, White Shark. Benchley at his best.